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Time for Love is now! It’s never too late to love!

Sofia Stril-Rever –



Time for love is now


Humanitarian emergency, social emergency, health emergency, economic emergency, environmental emergency... the list is long for these worsening world emergencies.

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed a glaring bias in our assessment of an emergency. At the height of the crisis, in April 2020, there were on average 7,500 deaths per day registered across the planet, which caught all public attention and made media headlines, leading to panic and very general confinement.


Every day, however, 25,000 people die of hunger, including one child under the age of 10 every five seconds. Invisibility of these victims, whose fate is too often met with indifference and perceived as inevitable. In the well-established discourse of politicians and the media these equally tragic deaths are not viewed as an emergency. Invisibility applies also to the millions of migrants who flee their homes each year, due to war or natural disasters; to the homeless, at the foot of our cities’ buildings; and to the people experiencing food insecurity, whose numbers keep rising. This includes one in five in France for instance!


What if different emergencies were considered symptomatic of all other emergencies? Each considered an absolute emergency? A hidden emergency? Each highlighting the urgency to love.


The urgency to love must be existing before each and every crisis breaks out; urgency to love in order to eradicate the structural causes of all emergencies resulting in hunger, extreme poverty, lack of hygiene, access to drinking water, and the insatiable predation of resources at the origin of multiple environmental disasters.


Be the Love Medit-Actions for human dignity


Realizing the urgency to love is realizing the need to recognize the intrinsic dignity of everyone, as stated in the Preamble and the first article of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Humanity cannot declare allegiance to this noble declaration if peoples and categories of society are kept invisible. Human dignity will remain mere rhetoric, if intellectual and social conditioning prevent us from embracing with loving eyes each one of our brothers and sisters in humanity.


The Be the Love Medit-Actions, that bring together five levels of consciousness: cognitive, affective, intentional, attentional, and behavioral, contribute to helping excluded, rejected, or socially downgraded people, to regain their dignity. They train all participants to express the power of their human dignity, by moving from alienating individualistic mindsets, to altruistic liberating mindsets. They teach how to align personal interest and the common interest of life and humanity.


Be the Love Medit-Actions for the UN 2030 Agenda




Be the Love Medit-Actions encourage us to assume an authentic sense of universal responsibility, by realizing that our human dignity is not complete, as long as the dignity of all is not respected.


Be the Love Medit-Actions are symbolically depicted by the Hand of the Heart, whose fingers represent 5 Principles of individual Action: Oneness, Inner Peace, Universal Responsibility, Love and Altruistic Action – combined with the Hand of the SDGs and its 5 Ps or Pillars: Peace, Partnerships, Planet, Population and Prosperity.


The powerful symbol of human hands calls each one of us to become a changemaker and to build a better world with the guidance of love.






Sofia Stril-Rever, co-founder of Better We Better World, initiated Be the Love you want to see in the world, echoing Mahatma Gandhi whose injunction “Be the change you want to see in the world”, has become the mantra of our time.


The Be the Love Declarations are declarations of love to Mother Earth, to humanity and to future generations by charismatic personalities and the Righteous of the planet, anonymous heroes of our time.


The Be the Love Manifesto & Medit-Actions are presented in the book L’Urgence d’aimer / Time for love is now, released on October 8, 2020. Based on the practice of loving kindness and neuroscience, the Medit-Actions’ protocol develops inner peace, universal responsibility and love, combined with the commitment to reach the 17 SDGs, at this critical time in human history.


A graduate in Indian Studies, writer and lecturer, Sofia Stril-Rever has published 18 spirituality-oriented books, including 4 books co-authored with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and translated into more than 20 languages. She also authored the internationally broadcast biopic, Dalai Lama, one life after another (Arte TV).


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