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The European Foundation SDG CHAMPIONS


Our strategic action plan is an operational contribution to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


We want to act and bring together within the European Foundation SDG CHAMPIONS and its national branches, 20 million citizens, or 3% of the world's population. The mission of the members will be to work on the implementation of concrete projects, to raise awareness and influence organizations, institutions, and individuals so that they too join the movement. The plan will be intergenerational and intercultural.


Reminder of our founding principles


These principles constitute an indivisible whole:

  • To each and everyone their truth and their way of life

  • Identity, place, mission, and role

  • Freedom, peace, and security

  • Love, respect and understanding

  • Free will and sense of responsibility

  • Union of mind and body, spiritual and material

  • Consciousness in action

  • Exit from internal blockages and external limitations

  • Dual transition, state of consciousness and paradigm

  • From individualistic ego to collective unity

  • From selfishness, greed and violence to solidarity, sobriety and benevolence

  • Determination and stability

  • Resilience and perseverance

  • Robustness and reliability

  • Strength, courage, and patience

  • Unity, whatever happens

  • Fullness of life, serving and protecting

  • Commitment to action that produces sustainable change.


Gather and train SDG CHAMPIONS


We believe in the creativity and efficiency of teamwork, and we favour the project mode for all our actions.

All SDG CHAMPIONS will undergo integration training because the real world is not a playground or a virtual play area. In the face of difficulties and sometimes cruel obstacles, they will remember the Stockdale paradox: to keep absolute confidence in the ultimate success and to face the brutality of occurrences day after day until success.


Team recruitment


The selection will be based on previous backgrounds, motivations, and personal truths. A fair balance between women and men, generations, social and cultural origins, will be sought. To avoid subsequent separations, their cost and the associated waste of time, the possibilities of conflict of interest or behaviour contrary to our principles will be eliminatory during the recruitment.


Organization and operation


Almost all donations collected from the public will be directly allocated to actions and field projects in favour of the final beneficiaries. At least 80% of the operating costs must be covered by the resources provided for in the statutes, to which will be added recurring or exceptional income from value-added activities provided by members.


Mobilize a critical mass of 2 billion global citizens


We will contribute to communication campaigns to convince the citizens of the world to commit to the decade of action of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Produce concrete results


After studying the ideas and listening to the pleas from all walks of life, we will decide, act, and produce concrete and measurable results regarding the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda. We will favour the actions of groups of at least 1,000 people for reasons of efficiency and urgency.


Cooperation and collaboration for changes of scale


In a spirit of cooperation, we will participate in large-scale initiatives generating major impacts if the actors involved do not remain locked in their silos. By assuming, if necessary, the functions of catalysts, Sherpas, and facilitators, we will maintain our authenticity, our legitimacy, and our coherence.


Forge links with other ecosystems


Because the world is a village and interdependence is an indisputable reality, we will interconnect ecosystems like interconnected brain cells. In doing so, we will respect the freedom of each actor, the strict confidentiality of personal and professional data and information.


Subsidiarity and autonomy in national branches


The members of each SDG CHAMPIONS national branch will act according to their responsibilities and skills and in accordance with their conscience, applying the three principles of freedom of action, concentration of efforts and economy of resources. Each national branch will determine and continuously update its national action plan as well as its specific action plans, project by project.


Actions stratégiques: Qui sommes-nous
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