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Succeed and help to succees

Agenda 2030, Becoming SDG Champions

The program aims to train and support citizens to become SDG CHAMPIONS committed to the immediate implementation on the ground of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in their individual and professional activities.

These agents of change will take up the great challenges of our time, engage in action and produce concrete, measurable and understandable results for all, leaving no one behind.

Action-oriented training

  • Develop clarity and lucidity to design the stages of a project to implement the 17 SDGs

  • Align your project with the ethics of Care and the needs of the planet

  • Regain self-confidence and self-esteem to decide and act with strength and courage

Service at the heart of our training

The pedagogy responds to the needs of individuals and organizations to solve problems and meet challenges, thanks to connected and united teams always at the service of the common ambition.

Seminars are opportunities to deal with participants' issues in a collaborative way.

The facilitation will allow participants to internally experience moments of listening, observation, interactions, openness, intuition and Eureka!

The practice of mindfulness and the Med-Action Be the Love aims at the union of the body and the mind to find the calm and the stability, the love and the determination and to act in the right way for the 17 SDGs. .


What you will discover

  • Integrate agile and productive project teams

  • Develop resilience and cooperation to face difficulties and obstacles

  • Use the founding 5Ps of the 2030 Agenda (Planet, Population, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships) as a source of creativity and innovation


3 times 3 days

Seminar 1: Creativity in motion

  • Know and meet the major challenges of Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs

  • Face fears, doubts and confusion and get in motion

  • Solve new complex problems


Seminar 2: Act now

  • Change state of consciousness and paradigm

  • Align actions with the 3Ps: Planet, Population, Prosperity

  • Develop strength and courage



Seminar 3: Crossing the threshold

  • Deploy concrete actions in space and time

  • Cooperate with other agents of change

  • Go through the ups and downs to the final goal

Learn, train and prepare for the success of

Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs.


Seminar 1 - Creativity in motion


Day 1 - Know and take on the big challenges

  • Acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences

  • Seek clarity and inner lucidity

  • Regain confidence and self-esteem

  • Assume freedom of judgment and a sense of responsibility


Day 2 - Develop efficiency and productivity

  • Get out of crisis situations quickly

  • Solve complex problems creatively

  • Gather and federate

  • Act with rigor and kindness


Day 3 - Cooperate and help each other

  • Aim for ambitious goals

  • Contribute to collective performance

  • Changing inappropriate behaviors

  • Promote solidarity and mutual aid


Seminar 2 - Act now


Day 4 - Planet - Meeting the needs of current and future generations

  • Rely on the regenerative but limited capacity of the earth

  • Accept interdependence and connect ecosystems

  • Recognize our weakness and vulnerability

  • Build strong and resilient foundations


Day 5 - People - Realizing their potential in an uncertain environment

  • Contribute to a decent life for all

  • Act quickly with solidarity, sobriety and benevolence

  • Living together within the great human family

  • Practice resilience and cooperation


Day 6 - Prosperity - Building a prosperous life in harmony with others and nature

  • Solve problems and meet challenges

  • Launch innovative impactful projects

  • Coordinate actions in the field

  • Produce concrete results, measurable and understandable by all


Seminar 3 - Crossing the threshold


Day 7 - Peace - Defending justice and inclusion

  • Act with determination until final success

  • Cultivate authenticity, legitimacy and credibility

  • Discover one’s identity, place and mission

  • Apply freedom of action, concentration of efforts and economy of means


Day 8 - Partnerships - Acting as a catalyst, sherpa and facilitator

  • Participate in large-scale initiatives producing major impacts

  • Climb the 5 levels of leadership (Jim Collins)

  • Overcome internal blockages and external limitations

  • Stay united no matter what: there is strength in unity


Day 9 - Smile day

  • To live fully is to give now and always to protect

  • Face the storms

  • Building on the example of Admiral Stockdale

  • Celebrate success


Humanity is one big family,

we have to take care of each other.

  We must also take care of the whole living world

and the Earth which is our common home and our only home.

  Let's build together, for future generations,

a better, peaceful and happy world,

where all human beings will enjoy freedom,

in peace and security.

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